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Online Rx – Oder prescription drugs online without doctor from Canada

Online pharmacies now swarm the internet, making it hard for consumers like you to weed out the bad from the good. Fortunately, although the internet is somewhat a scary place to buy stuff online, there are a few online drugstores on the web that you can trust to deliver, like Pharmacy Mall.

Our shop has been one of the longest-running online drugstores in the market and it’s no secret why – we’ve always been genuine and upfront with our clients and we have always delivered. Even from the outset, we’ve capitalized on integrity and credibility and we have strived to put our consumers first before our interests. Perhaps that what made us so magnetic with clients, despite our raw and simple appearance, our worldwide buyers have learned to love us and patronize us for so many years.

If There’s An Online Drugstore You’d Use, It’s Definitely Pharmacy Mall

It is true that it is a constant struggle for buyers to find an ideal online drugstore that can deliver – a shop that’s able to consistently provide good products and excellent service. We believe that here on Pharmacy Mall, we’ve learned how to serve our clients well through our decades of existence – we have started our service in 1997 and since then, we have served buyers not only in the United States but also those from various parts of the world.

While most online pharmacies of today believe that appearance is the only way to win clients, at Pharmacy Mall we strongly believe that the way to retain clients is to give excellence in products and in service. This is what kept us alive for decades and we know that this mantra will keep us alive for decades more.

If there’s an online pharmacy you need to give a chance to, it’s definitely us. Not only that we have had years of service longer than any average online drugstore (most online pharmacies never last more than a year), we also have a wide range of products competitive enough to rival your local pharmacy. That’s right – we’re here to rival your local drugstore, not only in terms of the expansiveness of our product line-up but also in terms of pricing and product quality.

All of the items found on our store are approved by the Food and Drug Administration and are therefore safe and effective to use. Medicines on the store, even generic ones are FDA-certified and are from renowned drug companies all over the world. We source our medicines from US FDA, EU EMA, WHO GMP and ISO accredited drug companies, which should assure you even more about the quality of the products sold in our shop.

As for the medicines found on our roster, we can offer you the same items you can find at your local brick and mortar pharmacy, with the addition of several hard-to-find medicines like AIDS treatments, smoking cessation medicines, and several others. Some of the categories of the medicines found on our store cover the following medical conditions:

  • Pattern baldness
  • Pain
  • Fertility
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Cholesterol
  • Gut diseases
  • Skin diseases
  • Cardiovascular ailments
  • Hypertension

All of our products are arranged per medical category for easy access, but if you already know what you need, you can use our search function and key in the brand or generic name of the drug you’re looking for.

As for the medicines in our shop, you can purchase all of our products without Rx since all of our medicines are legal – none of our products are scheduled substances and may be purchased without Rx. However, we still strongly advise you to consult your doctor before trying out medicines from our store, especially if you have other existing medical conditions and if you’re already on a couple of maintenance treatments.

Regarding payment, you don’t need to worry about your purchases on our shop – we’re offering an SSL-secured credit card payment portal and we honor VISA and MasterCard credit cards. We are soon expanding our payment options to accommodate Bitcoin, e-checks and other kinds of credit cards, but for now, we believe our VISA and MasterCard payment options are enough to cater to most of our buyers all over the world.

Shipping is free at our store if you are able to order products worth more than $200. If not, you’ll just have to pay a small fee of $10 for the regular shipment of your item, which is a far cry from the steep shipping prices of most online drugstores in the market.

Refund and reshipment are easy on Pharmacy Mall – we offer refunds and reshipments to consumers unsatisfied with our products or those who were able to receive damaged or incomplete orders. However, this rarely happens since most of our clients are well-pleased with our products and service.

Benefits of Choosing Pharmacy Mall for Your Medical Needs

If you still need more convincing on why you should choose Pharmacy Mall instead of your local drugstore or the other online pharmacies on the market, read on. Here are specific things why we think that you should make the shift to our Pharmacy Mall shop:

  • Cheap medicines all the time

While most online drugstores claim to have limited-time offers for their medicines, we at Pharmacy Mall can confidently say that we have cheap prices for our medicines all-year round! You don’t need to wait for special events to happen before you can enjoy special deals and steals on Pharmacy Mall – we’re committed to our consumers having access to the best prices for the medicines, hence the low prices for our products all the time.

  • High-quality products

At Pharmacy Mall, we sell only high-quality medicines that are safe and effective to use for the medical condition they are intended for. All of our products are FDA approved and are always fresh – we don’t ship expired medicines or products that are near expiry. Medicines found on our platform are handpicked from only the best manufacturers in the world, so you won’t have to worry about your safety in terms of our manufacturer selection.

  • Straightforward website

Our website is utterly easy to use – in addition to having a rather straightforward set-up, our shop is easy to navigate and understand, so buyers won’t get lost navigating our store. Pharmacy Mall is also a fast site, which means that we won’t give you any trouble when it comes to browsing.

  • Easy order process.

If you’re looking for a store with a very easy order process, you can come to us. Unlike most online drugstores, we’re all about giving our buyers a positive experience when it comes to their online drug shopping experience, that’s why we do not require our buyers to sign up first before they’re able to check out products on our shop. If you want to order on our website, simply browse the items you need, add them to cart, then checkout. It’s that simple!

  • Plenty of deals to enjoy

Besides offering products at the least prices on the web, our shop Pharmacy Mall is also known for its plenty of deals in store for our clients. In addition to bulk order discounts, we offer freebies and waived shipping fees to our valued consumers.

  • Long service record

Looking for a shop that’s well-established and has long been in the market? Look no further – we at Pharmacy Mall have been in the market since 1997, and that’s longer than any online drugstore in the business. While most of the online pharmacies now are just imitating long-standing online stores like ours, we have started our service out of genuine desire to help buyers make buying medicines more convenient and practical. Only a handful of online drugstores are able to last as long as we do, so we’re confident that consumers linked to our service are assured of our integrity as an online drugstore service.

  • Buyer-centric refund and reshipment policies

Albeit we are online sellers of affordable medicines, we understand where our buyers are coming from – we are also consumers and we’re sensitive about refunds and reshipments for our buyers in case of problems in delivery. Mishaps happen and we want you to know that we care about our buyers, that’s why we give you our word that we will take care of refunds and reshipments whenever applicable. If you don’t receive your order on time, receive incomplete orders, or do not receive your orders at all, contact us and we’ll send you a replacement package (or send you a refund) free of charge!

  • Impressive customer support team

Our customer support team is the best in the market – if you have questions, reach out to our team of individuals who will guide you through your every inquiry on the shop. You can mail us or call us using our numbers on the website and we’ll talk to you.

  • Tons of online reviews

Reviews are a measure of integrity for online sellers and that’s why we would love for you to read comments from our past buyers so that you’ll get to know us better. Through our years of service, we have amassed plenty of user reviews that you may find relevant for judging us as an online source of your medicines.

Pharmacy Mall Deals

There are plenty of deals available for you on our store. Take a look at these:

  • Bulk order discounts – All buyers are entitled to decreasing prices if they order products in bulk on Pharmacy Mall. This is great if you need months’ worth of supply for your medicines – you can take advantage of our bulk discounts to further maximize your savings.
  • Free pills (no catch!) – All consumers are entitled to freebie pills on our website. You just have to place an order on our shop and voila, you’re in it for freebie pills of your choice. Unlike most online pharmacies, our store would not require you to purchase a massive amount of products before you can enjoy the perks of our shop.
  • Free regular shipping – If your orders are well above $200, you can enjoy free shipping for your orders. This is a good way to save another $10 on top of all deals offered on our website.
  • Bonuses for orders more than $200 – Buyers with orders worth more than $200 are also entitled to another 10% discount (again, on top of all discounts on Pharmacy Mall) on their order. This discount is automatically applied upon checkout.
  • Vouchers or coupon codes – Watch out for coupon codes during special events on Pharmacy Mall! We give out coupon codes that can give 5-10% off your orders during holidays and other special occasions.
  • Loyalty discounts – We give our valued shoppers additional discounts on their reorders – you can receive 5-10% off your next order as a bonus for continuously shopping with us on Pharmacy Mall.
  • Referral discounts – If you are able to refer your friends to Pharmacy Mall, we’re also giving you sweet discounts on top of your freebies and existing discounts. This is just how we roll at Pharmacy Mall!

How to Order at Pharmacy Mall

Like we’ve said, it is a very easy process ordering your medicines on Pharmacy Mall. If you’re curious how you can order your meds on our shop, take a look at our simple order process:

  • Step 1: Select your order

Browse our store for whatever you need – you can use our list of medicines (meds grouped according to medical conditions) or use the search function for this.

  • Step 2: Add to cart

Add your order to cart – add as many as you want! It isn’t required for consumers to log in before adding items to cart on Pharmacy Mall.

  • Step 3: Checkout

After adding your items to cart, you can now proceed to checkout. Our shop offers a detailed instruction on what to do – payments, address inputs, and others. Follow the instructions carefully.

  • Step 4: Wait for your order confirmation

We will confirm if your order was successfully processed. Wait for our email updates – we will send you updates on your order from time to time.

Generic and Brand Name Pills Difference

Generic medicines are the ones mostly available on Pharmacy Mall. We source our products from reliable generic manufacturers from all over the world to ensure that the medicines you will receive from us are always high quality and reliable.

Generic medicines are as good as their brand name counterparts. Contrary to what most brand-name drug companies would like you to think, generic medicines are as equally potent as the brand name products. Generics available on our platform, additionally, are all verified as safe and effective by the FDA, which means that they will be able to treat your medical condition, just like the brand name medicines.

You are at an advantage when it comes to generics – since generic medicines are equal to brand-name medicines, it means that by choosing them, you are able to save a lot of money for the same brand name treatment. Savings are important and if you have an opportunity to maximize your savings on meds, take it – choose generics from Pharmacy Mall!

Viagra, Cialis and Levitra on Pharmacy Mall

Pharmacy Mall offers premium generic and brand name Viagra, Cialis and Levitra products. Erectile dysfunction treatments on Pharmacy Mall are affordable and are at least 50% less inexpensive than the local drugstore prices for the same products.

If you are someone who’s suffering from impotence (or you know someone who’s suffering from the medical condition) and you’re looking for ways to mitigate your expenses, you are in the right place. We at Pharmacy Mall are offering huge savings for your medical needs – we’re offering affordable erectile dysfunction treatments that are within the budget.

Impotence medicines are usually very expensive and aren’t covered by insurance or health care policies. That’s why options like Pharmacy Mall are life savers – not only will we help you regain your virility, we’ll also help you add more savings in the process.

Most of our ED treatments cost only less than a dollar, unlike drugstores that charge least $60 for each brand name impotence solution.

Bottom Line

Choose Pharmacy Mall for your online medicine needs! We have been here for decades because we know how to treat our clients well and we know that we are going to stay for longer because we genuinely care about our buyers.

We want our clients to have access to high-quality medicines at the lowest prices. If you are looking for a safe place for medicine purchases, you have come to the right place – we’re here for you 24/7 and we’re here to help you make the best financial decisions when it comes to your online medicine purchases.

If you’re still in doubt about what we have to offer, don’t hesitate to contact us. You can email us your questions or you can call our hotline posted on our website. Rest assured that you will be responded to and your questions answered by our wonderful online service team.

We hope to give you the best online shopping experience on Pharmacy Mall and we look forward to having you around!

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